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Bouquet is a botanical painting which will fit well into my collection of paintings being completed for my ‘Illuminate’ exhibition being held in the Professional Centre at Easter 2016.

Bouquet is an oil painting, not of an actual bouquet of flowers but of an idealised version of one. This bouquet is alive with movement and life, and it is this life which seems to be oozing from the light which surrounds and permeates the motifs in this painting.

Bouquet is a happy painting.

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Most of my botanical paintings are not about the flowers or botanical motifs in the painting as much as they are about the lighting which surrounds and caresses these motifs. Like many of my botanical paintings Bouquet is about light and the effect it has visually on the motifs it touches.

However, with this painting there is more. The light seems to be moving in the work and this gives a joyful life to the flowers and leaves in the work. Not only does the light itself seem to be moving but the natural objects it touches seem to be imbued with a joyful life which gently dances before our eyes. This is a painting which exudes joy and happiness.

Bouquet will fit well in my ‘illuminate’ exhibition coming up on 6:00 PM, 24th March, 2016 at the Professional Centre here in Coffs Harbour. I hope to extend this idea of a light which imbues life into the subject it influences in other paintings being produced for the Illuminate exhibition.

The square format of the painting also helps to frame the movement of the light. I love working in a square format and intend to produce a number of smaller square paintings for this exhibition. The work for the Illuminate exhibition will include botanical, landscape, surreal and conceptual works all exploring ideas and concepts which surround the topic of illumination.

If you have any questions about my work or am considering buying a painting then just contact me via my contact page.

Floral paintings – two new small affordable floral paintings.


New Floral Paintings.


Floral paintings are one of the mainstay genres of my work. Here are a couple of new botanical paintings I’ve completed recently. They are called Blue Portrait and Complimentary Lights. Both paintings are for sale and are located in the botanical paintings section of the website. I will be adding more floral paintings (as well as other paintings) to the site in the coming weeks. Both paintings have been painted in oils and have been built up using thin layers of paint.

floral paintings

floral paintings

Their details can be seen by holding the mouse over the image during the slideshow. They are both for sale. Blue Portrait is a soft focus portrait of some Japanese cherry blossom flowers. The idea of the main flower being depicted as a portrait is the motivation for the title.  In the second painting complementary colours of red and green have been utilised to create a striking mood combining the serenity of the soft focus quality of these flowers with the strength of the effect caused by concentrating on the use of the complimentary colours to add drama to the work. Both paintings are the first of a new series of works which I am preparing for an exhibition I expect to hold in the Professional Centre around March 2015.

Tropical botanical paintings – a new work.

Tropical botanical paintings – a new work in oils.

Here is the first of a few new tropical botanical paintings which are the first in a series of works being painted for an upcoming exhibition to be held around March 2015 in the Professional Centre in Coffs Harbour. It’s related to the other three tropical botanical paintings which can be seen in the botanical paintings section of the website. These all have been inspired by my constant visits to Coffs Harbour’s Botanical Gardens, which has been a treasure trove for botanical works over the last decade. This one is called Tropical Portrait 2. Tropical botanical paintings

This painting is located in the botanical paintings section of the website. The details of this painting can be seen by hovering the mouse over the work as the slideshow proceeds. The use of strong reds and greens in the work adds drama as well as a tropical brightness to the scene. The succulent look of the plant is created by layering thin to thick layers of oil paint over a period of time. The hard lines and shapes of this painting contrast to some of the softer focus botanical works seen elsewhere in the same section. The highlights are strong with a minimum of shadows showing that in a tropical environment a strong light can dominate a scene without causing the colours of the scene to be washed out.

I hope to exhibit at least forty new works in March in the Professional centre. I also hope to have completed an album of music by this time to play during the exhibition. At this stage it looks like the music may be restricted to being predominantly piano music, although I anticipate some pieces will incorporate other instruments as well. I will attempt to create music which enhances the works on display.

Tropical botanical painting – a new one.

Tropical botanical painting.


Three tropical botanical paintings have been completed now. This is the third one is simply called Tropical Design 2. It is located on the botanical paintings section of the website. All the details, including  price can be viewed there in the usual way.

My Masters is near completion and I will be gearing up to do more botanical paintings, and surreal paintings soon. I’m hoping to have an exhibition at the Professional Centre next year. I will include some of my music (probably on CD) at the exhibition.


Tropical botanical painting


This particular tropical botanical painting was a lot of fun to complete. In order to achieve the glowing yellows, greens, and reds of the succulent I had to build up the paint in thin layers over a long period of time. In contrast, the paint on the wood was able to be painted more quickly using thicker paint. I really love painting these succulent plants because of the glowing bold colours which they contain. The great thing about painting tropical botanical paintings is the brightness of the colours in the works. I can be uninhibited about using paint straight from the tube onto the canvas as this actually helps attain the effects I want to achieve in the painting.

The dullness of the wood in the background really contrasts with the vibrancy of the colour in the succulent plant.


Paypal. I have a Paypal account now.

Paypal. I have a Paypal account now.


I have a paypal account now so it is possible for you to pay in this way. Strangely, no-one has asked for this over the last few years, but suddenly I’ve had a couple of customers asking for it so feel free to ask if you want to make a purchase.

My new botanical paintings and a couple of surreal paintings are coming along. They will be posted soon.


Evening Light – a new painting in oils.

Evening Light – a new painting in oils.

Evening Light is painting has only been recently completed. It is one of many medium sized botanical paintings and is located in the botanical paintings section.  I will be posting more new paintings up in the coming weeks. Stayed tuned.


Evening Light

The blue of the evening in Evening Light vies for attention against the stronger pinks of the flower in the centre. The flower is in focus and stands before the softer and less focused light of the background. Shapes in the background are only suggested and therefor only suggest the depth that lies behind the main motif.

Many of my botanical paintings employ the contrast between a hard edged main motif or foreground feature and a more soft focused background. The painting is a macro portrait but suggest a world beyond the focus of the flower.

The highlight on the edges of the flower suggest that the night has not yet completely come. It also adds a transparency to the petals of the flower. The flower is both strong and delicate, like most living things. Yet it is still at one with the blue evening light which signals the approach of night.

Yellow Grove 2 – a new painting.

Yellow Grove 2 – a new painting.

Yellow Grove 2 is a new botanical painting situated in the botanical paintings section of this website. It is a sister painting to the earlier Yellow Grove which is also shown in this section of the website.

The work is more complicated than its sister painting. It reflects the haphazard nature of nature.  The highlights around the flowers suggest that light is infused with the flowers themselves. It is light which not only makes all things visible but here it is light which nurtures and feeds the flowers and the surrounding foliage.

Yellow Grove 2 is more like a dance than its sister painting. The 2 red bugs which provide a colourful break to the greens and yellows which dominate the painting seem to dance with the light, the flowers and the sinuous stems which hold and support the flowers.

There is only joy in this painting. The flowers face different directions like the dancers of a dance hall. Their faces may be soft, but the light fills them with the joy of life.


yellow grove

There is a pleasant tension between the background and foreground which slightly flattens the painting but adds to the movement within it.


Exhibition Coming Up

Exhibition Coming Up

I have an exhibition coming up at the Professional Centre here in Coffs Harbour. The official opening should happen around mid-March (I’ll keep you posted when I decide on the exact date. I’m waiting for the lighting to be revamped in the Professional Centre. When it is fixed all my paintings should look great. There will be a mix of paintings shown. It will be like a retrospective of the work I’ve produced while I’ve lived in Coffs Harbour. It will be around 10 years of living in this area when I have my opening. Some of the works exhibited are shown below. As you can see there will be surreal paintings, botanical paintings and some more conceptual paintings on show.
Exhibition - Paradox 2



Exhibition - Celestial Beauty


Exhibition - Natural Design





Paradox 2                          Celestial Beauty                            Natural Design