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Revelation (resurrection) Leonard Aitken – Artist.

Revelation (resurrection) Leonard Aitken – Artist.

A life saving revelation will bring true life to light.

Revelation (resurrection)
$6000 Oil on canvas
160 * 124 cm









Revelation (resurrection) is a painting of titanic proportions.

A revelation is a surprising fact which is disclosed to someone, which often has a noteworthy effect on the person’s life. In the case of a revelation from God, the ultimate revelation is when God reveals himself to someone that turns a person from spiritual ignorance to realising the depth of God’s influence on his life and destiny. It is this ‘initial’ revelation which is very much like a resurrection – largely because is is linked to the resurrection of Christ Himself and leads to the resurrection (or being ‘born again’) of the individual, through Christ’s resurrection.

The painting ‘Revelation (resurrection)’ describes this relationship between an individual’s revelation of God’s place in the world (and our lives), and the actual resurrection of Christ.

Christ’s resurrection opened the door to a re-union of humankind with God once and for all.

When a person realises the place of God in their lives and submits to his infinite love and wisdom, they are immediately “born again”. This is a resurrection on a personal basis for all believers. The believer has attained ‘eternal life’.

The painting is painted loosely with an aim to emphasise the drama of such a moment. Such a momentous revelation is shown to be like emerging from quicksand and gasping at the clean air of salvation. It is the salvation of the believer which leads to their resurrection into the new ‘heavenly life’ of communion with God.

It is this revelation which leads to Heaven.

Yet there is pain in this revelation. This new life is not without its sacrifices and there are always times and places when we can be sucked back into the quicksand through laziness or personal, spiritual neglect. A resurrection born of such a revelation is one which needs to be nurtured through diligence, patience, love and steadfastness. Communication with God is the key – and without the resurrection of Christ, this communication is impossible – for He (Christ) is always ready to intercede with God on all our needs.

The painting is a rendition of that great storm that accompanies such a grand revelation as the one described. It is the storm before the calm and peace of eternity.


Mecha 2 – a new painting.

Mecha 2 is one of the new paintings in the exhibition. It’s 100 * 75 cm and painted in oils.


Mecha 2





Mecha 2. 


This painting is exclusively painted in oils. It is built up using thin layers of oil paint, which gives the work its inner glow. The first Mecha painting incorporated ink into the composition. However, this painting uses only oils. There is a lot of movement in this work and a lot of delicate blending was done in order to achieve this.

This is not a mega city like the first Mecha painting. It is a scene of a joy ride at a carnival. The movement is chaotic mimicking he oscillating movement of the fun park ride it depicts. Fun as a topic is something I find easy to paint. I use bright, unmixed colours in a lot of my works and this retains a freshness to my work. The lights in the painting not only depict the lights of the ride and the fun park but also the joy and fun of the setting. Mecha 2 is not without an element of danger though. The blurred central ride car has a slightly ominous look to reflecting the danger and fear which are a part of the thrill of fun park rides.


Exhibition Coming Up

Exhibition Coming Up

I have an exhibition coming up at the Professional Centre here in Coffs Harbour. The official opening should happen around mid-March (I’ll keep you posted when I decide on the exact date. I’m waiting for the lighting to be revamped in the Professional Centre. When it is fixed all my paintings should look great. There will be a mix of paintings shown. It will be like a retrospective of the work I’ve produced while I’ve lived in Coffs Harbour. It will be around 10 years of living in this area when I have my opening. Some of the works exhibited are shown below. As you can see there will be surreal paintings, botanical paintings and some more conceptual paintings on show.
Exhibition - Paradox 2



Exhibition - Celestial Beauty


Exhibition - Natural Design





Paradox 2                          Celestial Beauty                            Natural Design