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Fantasy Paintings

Originality is a crucial element of fantasy paintings. There must be something new and fresh about the work. They need to be light and airy or bright and full of colour and energy.

The point of fantasy paintings is to picture a world where the usual rules of nature no longer exist. Dolls coming to life, animals behaving like people, crazy settings all add to the fun. A good fantasy painting is like a yummy dessert.

Like all things sweet, too much fantasy may not be good for you. Yet in small doses fantasy can lift the spirits and delight the soul. From the hard edged The Candy Shop to the softer focus and more painterly Plenitude these paintings are designed for this purpose.

The childlike atmosphere of a fantasy painting makes it perfect for children’s bedrooms or anywhere where a happy atmosphere dominates. Fantasy paintings are an escape from reality – pure entertainment. Yet they can also inspire us. Our dreams can be like fantasies that tell us of ideas and concepts that relate to our everyday lives.

Everyone needs light relief and laughter in their lives. Fantasy takes us from the real world temporarily and immerses us in a world where only lightness and laughter exist. Good fantasy can make us forget all our problems, giving us a solid dose of joy and wonder that lifts our spirits. The best fantasy can also give us ideas on how to improve the world.

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The Candy Shop $3200 Oil 84 * 148 cm

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