Surreal Mixed Media Paintings

Surreal Mixed Media Paintings Gallery

This Surreal Mixed Media Paintings Gallery is mostly composed of works done on paper using pastel and ink. Variations occur where collage, pencil and other media are included in the works.

Most paintings in this gallery are for sale.

Feel free to ring me on H: (02) 5698 5284 or M: 0450 492 504 or email me (go to contact page) for offers or questions.

Limited edition prints are available on request.

Surreal Mixed Media Paintings

These Surreal Mixed Media Paintings are closer to abstract art than the oil paintings. They are mostly improvised. The surrealism derives from the playing with space and dream-like quality of the work; and the imagery here is slightly darker than their oil counterparts. Some paintings are still fantastic art (especially relating to colour) but few are pure fantasy art.

I don’t like the new vogue of dark surreal paintings as they are more like horror, and I don’t see the point in dwelling on such negative imagery, no matter how well painted it is.

Surreal Mixed Media Paintings. Inside Circus.


Surrealist art paintings.

Surreal art paintings should evoke the workings of the subconscious mind. They should either remind one of dreams dreamt or create a dreamlike state where the viewer can see things which may only be suggested by the forms in the surrealist paintings. In contrast an abstract art gallery would contain paintings which do not evoke suggested imagery. Purely non-representative art has another agenda altogether.

Fantastic art or fantasy art is another type of art once again. It has a stronger tendency toward the figurative and is more like the work adorning science fiction and fantasy book covers. Surreal fantasy art falls somewhere between fantasy and surreal art – there will be elements of both types of art in it. True Surrealism art does not have to be dark. It does not have to contain clear imagery. It can be whimsical and comical and may even be able to unlock secrets within the mind of the viewer.

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