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New Improved Website

New Improved Website

I have changed my website considerably in the last week in order to improve my search engine optimisation. It will also be easier to see the details of each work if you are interested in purchasing any. The music has been taken from the gallery pages to increase the speed of loading each page. I will be putting these music pieces onto the music page if you wish to listen to them.

The new improved website may not have the gallery sliders like the old one, but the individual thumbnails are larger than the smaller ones which were at the bottom of each gallery. This will make it easier to see each image, before clicking to bring up a larger version.

Please feel free to browse the new improved website and do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in buying anything.

Botanical Paintings

Floral paintings – two new small affordable floral paintings.


New Floral Paintings.


Floral paintings are one of the mainstay genres of my work. Here are a couple of new botanical paintings I’ve completed recently. They are called Blue Portrait and Complimentary Lights. Both paintings are for sale and are located in the botanical paintings section of the website. I will be adding more floral paintings (as well as other paintings) to the site in the coming weeks. Both paintings have been painted in oils and have been built up using thin layers of paint.

floral paintings

floral paintings

Their details can be seen by holding the mouse over the image during the slideshow. They are both for sale. Blue Portrait is a soft focus portrait of some Japanese cherry blossom flowers. The idea of the main flower being depicted as a portrait is the motivation for the title.  In the second painting complementary colours of red and green have been utilised to create a striking mood combining the serenity of the soft focus quality of these flowers with the strength of the effect caused by concentrating on the use of the complimentary colours to add drama to the work. Both paintings are the first of a new series of works which I am preparing for an exhibition I expect to hold in the Professional Centre around March 2015.