Piano Music

Piano Music.

The Piano Music of Leonard Aitken is a work in progress. At this stage most of the music composed by the artist is piano music only. I aim to add to these works adding vocals and other instruments soon.






Music The_Way_of_the_tongue


“Most of my piano music begins with an improvisation. I will begin to play around on the keyboard, until I hit upon a riff, melody, or chord progression that appeals to me. Then I will press the ‘record’ button in Logic Pro and begin to play. Sometimes I will play for over 15 minutes, although this is rare. Usually I play for 8 to 10 minutes. From this work an edited version will be created. For song-like compositions I try to cut the piece down to less than four minutes. For more classical or creative works I am more open to leave it a little longer. Some finished works are still nearly 10 minutes long.

I am working on adding other instruments to many of these works. However, some of the music compositions work successfully as piano solo works. Eventually I hope to add my own voice (I need to strengthen it a bit first) to create finished songs. I can certainly do background vocals at this stage and hope to create some dynamic and unusual vocal works in the future.

My piano music has a classical feel, but there are also jazzy and popular elements in these works. Others are more esoteric. I particularly love sad and beautiful music with rich chords and a moving melody, but also like quirky and unusual compositions.

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