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New landscape paintings coming

New landscape paintings coming


I am currently producing a new batch of landscape paintings. I have had a bit of a break from painting because of the masters which is now over. It’s good to get back into what I love most. The new landscape paintings will be a variety of sizes and will be mostly realist landscape paintings and fantasy landscape paintings.

I am producing a lot of small landscape paintings. Some are of the ocean and others of hills and mountains. Many of them are incorporating mist and thick clouds to produce an otherworldly atmosphere and I’m toying with the colouring of a few of the works to add even more variety.

Light will play an important part in these paintings.

I feel I’ve become a little scratchy since the break and the idea of painting landscapes to ‘warm up’ to the task has been very beneficial. Landscape painting is the best way to learn how to use aerial perspective and how to use paint as a medium itself. The combination of thick and thin paint used to create depth in a landscape painting makes experimenting with the use of paint a distinct must while creating these works. I feel this is a very useful way to get myself back into painting.

I will begin posting images of these new landscape paintings in the next few days. I am already working on about fifteen of them (mostly small) and hope to have the first lot of new landscape paintings ready in about a fortnight.

Some of these paintings will hopefully be sold at the Bellingen Markets in the coming months. I hope to start selling at the Bellingen Markets in a month or two. Hope to see you there.

Bellingen gold, Bellingen, golden light, country energy art prize

Bellingen Gold $2,850 Oil on Canvas 100*120cm

Celebration, seashore, surreal marine pastel paintings, joy

Celebration $890 Pastel and Ink on Paper 50 * 70 cm