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Marine paintings Gallery.

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Movement and light is crucial to the creation of marine paintings. My seascape paintings are always dominated by movement and light. The paint needs to be applied quickly. This creates the sensation of movement in a marine painting. Waves, splashes and reflections all need to be treated as they are – momentary. Recently I’ve been experimenting with different palettes with my marine work. Some tend towards photorealism, while others use a more highly exaggerated colour scheme.”

To be creative while painting a seascape is all too easy. Subsequently, one must work so quickly that being creative becomes automatic. Painting a seascape is one of the most enjoyable pastimes one can do. It is so free. I especially like to use pastels to paint seascapes.

Not all of these works are painted quickly though. To get the transparent effects that painting water sometimes demands one must paint with thin semi-transparent paint. Not only does this create extra visual layers in the painting but it also adds an inner glow to the work.

Marine Paintings

Super Breaker

Marine Paintings Gallery

Marine oil painting is particularly tricky, as oil paint forces one to paint slowly. The temptation to do so may detract from the representation of movement in the water. The most successful marine paintings depicting moving water are often done in pastels or painted quickly with little attention to smoothing over brushstrokes and creating a perfect finish. This means that the directions of brushstrokes in marine paintings help to create movement in the works and help to define the composition of the work.

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