How will the paintings and prints be shipped? Unless otherwise specified they will be shipped rolled in a tube.

If I specify another shipping arrangement, should I wait for confirmation of this from you before purchasing? Yes. This is advisable. You may have your own courier you prefer to use and this will have to be arranged with me before purchase. Also if you buy the paintings or prints first you will automatically incur the standard shipping cost for those items. I will arrange for those costs to be changed at your request.

How many prints belong to each limited edition? There are thirty prints in each limited edition.

What type of paper are they printed on? They will be printed on high quality, acid free photographic paper. I prefer this paper to watercolour paper which has a tendency to dull the otherwise bright colours of my works, by drinking the inks.

Can I have it printed on other forms of paper? Contact me if you want it printed on some other kind of paper before purchasing.

What kind of inks are used? The best quality inks are used. They are UV resistant and should last a minimum of 100 years.

Can I get other sizes if I want? Contact me if you want a size different than those stated in the store.

How long should the prints last? They should last for over 100 years.

How long should they take to arrive after purchase? Within Australia they should not take more than 1 – 2 weeks. Overseas purchases will take a little longer. They will be shipped by air freight.