Master’s Drawings

Master’s Drawings Gallery.

Most of these master’s drawings are for sale.

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These Master’s Drawings were completed as part of my Master’s series of works depicting eternity. Ethereality and strange constructions characterise these works expressing different aspects of eternity.

To learn about some of the concepts involved in creating these works refer to the dissertation on the main Masters page or read below.

Master’s Drawings

These works were produced as part of my Master’s series on Eternity. In this series of drawings I concentrated on producing spontaneous surrealist drawings. Eternity is a mystery. However, since I am a Christian I believe that the Holy Spirit can help to guide me in the representing of this mystery. Consequently, these works are almost purely improvised. Some are very complex, while others are very simple. Some have great depth, while others are relatively flat.

Master's Drawings

Master’s Drawing

The flat drawings depict the simplicity and oneness of God and eternity. The drawings with more depth suggest the ‘eternal time’ and the other unfathomable aspects of the idea of eternity. This is something which I struggled with during the making of these images. Some of the titles of these Master’s Drawings are poetic. They suggest aspects of eternity which may change from viewer to viewer. Others are more straight forward. The more straight forward ones describe aspects of eternity which are believed in by most people.

I believe eternity is a place where all conscious beings will eventually inhabit. Therefore, it is a more important concept than most people believe. Ultimately, it will be exciting to see what the characteristics of eternity are when we arrive there.

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