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Botanical Works

Botanical Works

My botanical works are quite different from the usual botanical paintings you see on the internet.

Most botanical works are done in watercolour and show a single specimen of a plant or flower isolated on a white background. I find this kind of recording of botanical motifs rather dry and boring.

In contrast, my paintings isolate a small area of botanical nature and concentrate on creating a design which is more pleasing to the eye than the usual scientific recording of a botanical motif. Most of my botanical works are macro – they choose a small area of nature and represent them in detail, using bright but realistic colours. They are completed in oils, not watercolour, giving them a fuller more vibrant appearance.


The lighting in these paintings is a strong element of the painting – maybe even the main element. Often a backlight is used to highlight the details of leaves and the presence of small bugs and other details. Lately, I have been painting more topical botanical paintings. This is because of the area where I live – Coffs Harbour, where there are a lot tropical plants around to choose from.

I love going to the local botanical gardens, where I take lots of photos of various motifs which then are converted into paintings via which I feel have a dramatic, beautiful or interesting look.

Some of the works are of individual leaves or flowers, while others may be renditions of a part of a garden or bush area. There is usually more to see in one of my paintings than in the usual dry botanical painting done in watercolour for scientific purposes.

Please feel free to comment on my botanical paintings or any other works in my collection.

All the works not marked as sold are for sale, and limited edition prints are also available on request. Please contact me if you have any questions relating to this.

grevilia, flower portrait, red flower, macro flower, botanical works

Grevillia $980 oil 60 * 90 cm

menagerie, yellow leaves, tropical light, fiery light, botanical works

Menagerie $1250 oil 60 * 90 cm