Small Masters Works

Small Masters Works Gallery

All of these Small Masters Works are 42 * 29 cm. They are mostly painted in oils but some have ink added.

Most of these works are for sale.

Feel free to ring me on H: (02) 5698 5284 or M: 0450 492 504 or email me (go to contact page) for offers or questions.

Limited edition prints are available on request.

Small Masters Works

These Small Masters Works are mostly improvised from the start. They have been built up in many layers mostly beginning with a layer of oil paint. The layers are mostly thin. Sometimes the title will come to me during the process of creating the work. Mostly, the title is a poetic designation meant to inspire ideas in the viewer. Every viewer’s interpretation is different.

Mixed media painting by Leonard Aitken. Surreal, Abstract

Title: Interlopers Price: Sold Medium: Mixed media on canvas paper Size: 42 X 29 cm


I work on up to 40 of these works at a time. I hang some from a clothes line in my studio and place others around the studio to dry between layers. The ink is usually added after about the fourth layer. It adds greater depth to the works. If the ink is situated on the upper layers of the work then at least three glazes are added to fix the ink to the canvas. These works are poetic in nature, alluding to some of the more esoteric aspects of eternity. Some of these  Small Masters Works have a cosmic feel to them. Others are more colourful and lively suggesting the joy and fun which life in Heaven may hold.

The works are definitely surreal in style. Specifically, they are closer to the surrealist styling of Masson and Matta than the dreamscapes of Dali or Tanguy. The use of ink adds a collage like effect to the works bringing them closer to the works of Max Ernst.

To learn more about some of the concepts involved in creating these works refer to the dissertation on the main Masters page.

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