Downing Centre Exhibition

Jellyfish, Downing Centre Exhibition, underwater paintings, blue jellyfish
Title: The Impossible Jellyfish Price: $950 Size: 60 * 90 cm Medium: Oil on canvas

Downing Centre Exhibition.

Throughout November I’ll have an exhibition of paintings at the Downing Centre in Sydney. Twelve paintings are on display. They are as colourful and varied as usual and range from marine paintings, to landscapes to conceptual works. All Painting are for sale.

This Downing Centre Exhibition is located on the corner of Elizabeth St and Liverpool St, right in the middle of the city. I’m exhibiting with a friend – Kim who is showing sculptures and paintings.

The marine paintings in the exhibition are a part of several marine paintings I’ve been painting lately. They comprise seascapes, underwater scenes and other marine themes. Importantly all are highly colourful and range from realistic to abstract or surreal. Some of the paintings are showing in Dolphin Marine Magic a local tourist attraction here in Coffs Harbour.

Marine series.

I’ve been painting a lot of marine works for Dolphin Marine Magic a local tourist park here in Coffs Harbour. Most of them are small but some are more complicated. They cover all types of marine paintings.

Continuing Work.

I’m loving the underwater paintings. I’m especially interested in jellyfish and seahorses – they have such variety and character. I’ll be painting a lot while the Sydney Exhibition is active.


I’ve never liked the heat of summer. Therefore I will be working a lot on my music over summer. It’s time for me to expand my piano pieces. They need other instruments and sounds to enhance them. Consequently, i also need to start working on an album of music. I expect this will be done by the end of the year. This is a very exciting time for me as I enter a new phase of creativity.

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