Conceptual Paintings

Conceptual Paintings Gallery

These conceptual paintings tackle every conceivable idea from every conceivable angle. The subjects depicted vary as much as the styles used to describe them.

Most paintings in this gallery are for sale.

Feel free to ring me on H: (02) 5698 5284 or M: 0450 492 504 or email me (go to contact page) for offers or questions.

Limited edition prints are available on request.

Conceptual Paintings.

Conceptual paintings can both explore new ideas and concepts. They can even ‘be’  new concepts in visual form. Spirituality brings an added dimension to our lives. “My spiritual art work stems from a strong belief in God. Each day I feel that His influence is permeating my work more and more. I believe my work is slowly changing into the way “He” sees the world.

cityscape $3450 Oil on canvas 100 * 150 cm

Cityscape $4500
Oil on canvas 100 * 150 cm

It is difficult for me to separate the spiritual (or Christian) and the conceptual since all the concepts which lead me through life are spiritual in nature. What is the meaning of life? How do we communicate with God? What is the nature of truth, joy, peace, beauty and love? Currently this is a spiritual art gallery on the grow. My spiritual art is also soon to attempt the concept of eternity. These are some of the ideas I hope to explore in the near future. I also like to explore more secular concepts.

Currently I am challenging myself with a series of paintings exploring and commenting on the different genres, styles and mediums employed in art. I enjoy incorporating humour into these and also many of my surrealist works.

Christian art in general has always been very figurative. I am hoping that my particular form of Christian art can go further afield – drawing on the strength of the spirit within me.

In many ways all paintings are spiritual paintings. We are spirit, as well as mind and body.

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