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Yellow Grove 2 – a new painting.

Yellow Grove 2 – a new painting.

Yellow Grove 2 is a new botanical painting situated in the botanical paintings section of this website. It is a sister painting to the earlier Yellow Grove which is also shown in this section of the website.

The work is more complicated than its sister painting. It reflects the haphazard nature of nature.  The highlights around the flowers suggest that light is infused with the flowers themselves. It is light which not only makes all things visible but here it is light which nurtures and feeds the flowers and the surrounding foliage.

Yellow Grove 2 is more like a dance than its sister painting. The 2 red bugs which provide a colourful break to the greens and yellows which dominate the painting seem to dance with the light, the flowers and the sinuous stems which hold and support the flowers.

There is only joy in this painting. The flowers face different directions like the dancers of a dance hall. Their faces may be soft, but the light fills them with the joy of life.


yellow grove

There is a pleasant tension between the background and foreground which slightly flattens the painting but adds to the movement within it.