Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings Gallery.

Landscape paintings are the most challenging of all paintings. They require more painting skills (as against drawing skills), than most other genres of painting. Most paintings in this gallery are for sale.

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Limited edition prints are available on request.

Landscape Paintings.

Landscape paintings are the quickest paintings to paint. Simultaneously, they are also the most difficult to paint. All artists are just mere imitators of the great creator. Therefore we can only modify and stylize the creation that already exists. In landscape paintings the artist uses different techniques to represent the – solid ‘permanence’ of mountains and rock, the immutable fleeting nature of clouds, the variety of shapes, sizes, colours and characters of trees (this one is the most difficult) or the fragility of a blade of grass. For that reason, learning to paint a landscape is an endless task.

Land and Sky

Somehow, the landscape artist is expected to fuse the leaden majesty of the land, with the vast emptiness of the sky. This means that light and colour play a crucial role in painting a landscape. Light and colour should unify these two opposing elements.

Light plays a critical part in all my landscapes.

My landscape art work is varied in subject matter and painting style. However, most are executed in oils. Some are done in pastels. They are mostly realist. In the near future, I intend to produce digital art landscape work. I hope to produce landscape art prints from these.

Painting of rough seas in the afternoon

Title: Afternoon Surf Medium: Oil on board
Size: 40 * 50 cm
Price: $195

Landscape art painting.

Landscape art painting is in many ways the most difficult type of painting to undertake. Therefore it takes a special and unique use of paint to successfully represent a landscape. Many people can draw, but not a lot can paint a fine art landscape painting which works (possibly some abstract landscapes can be excepted from this). The range of techniques required to suggest a tree; to paint grass; to represent water; to paint the airy lightness of sky and clouds is very varied – therefore it takes some time to master the skills needed. Subsequently, there are few artists who can successfully paint a good landscape painting.

Fine Art Landscape Paintings.

Fine art landscape paintings need something to help them stand out from the crowd. Consequently, different cultures around the world have represented the landscape in unique ways. Compare the light used by Streeton or Roberts in representing the Australian landscape to the light which dominates the works of European artists or the Japanese or Chinese ways of depicting the landscape. Furthermore, one new popular style of landscape art is the western art landscape (mostly of America) where the light is often dramatic, especially in mountain scenes.

Finally, landscape art explores the spiritual in the creation around us. A successful landscape art work will not only depict the scene faithfully, but exhibit the mood each landscape evokes. So a picture of ice should look cold. Also a sunset should express the peace and beauty of a day’s end.

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