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Bouquet is a botanical painting which will fit well into my collection of paintings being completed for my ‘Illuminate’ exhibition being held in the Professional Centre at Easter 2016.

Bouquet is an oil painting, not of an actual bouquet of flowers but of an idealised version of one. This bouquet is alive with movement and life, and it is this life which seems to be oozing from the light which surrounds and permeates the motifs in this painting.

Bouquet is a happy painting.

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Most of my botanical paintings are not about the flowers or botanical motifs in the painting as much as they are about the lighting which surrounds and caresses these motifs. Like many of my botanical paintings Bouquet is about light and the effect it has visually on the motifs it touches.

However, with this painting there is more. The light seems to be moving in the work and this gives a joyful life to the flowers and leaves in the work. Not only does the light itself seem to be moving but the natural objects it touches seem to be imbued with a joyful life which gently dances before our eyes. This is a painting which exudes joy and happiness.

Bouquet will fit well in my ‘illuminate’ exhibition coming up on 6:00 PM, 24th March, 2016 at the Professional Centre here in Coffs Harbour. I hope to extend this idea of a light which imbues life into the subject it influences in other paintings being produced for the Illuminate exhibition.

The square format of the painting also helps to frame the movement of the light. I love working in a square format and intend to produce a number of smaller square paintings for this exhibition. The work for the Illuminate exhibition will include botanical, landscape, surreal and conceptual works all exploring ideas and concepts which surround the topic of illumination.

If you have any questions about my work or am considering buying a painting then just contact me via my contact page.