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Mecha 2 – a new painting.

Mecha 2 is one of the new paintings in the exhibition. It’s 100 * 75 cm and painted in oils.


Mecha 2





Mecha 2. 


This painting is exclusively painted in oils. It is built up using thin layers of oil paint, which gives the work its inner glow. The first Mecha painting incorporated ink into the composition. However, this painting uses only oils. There is a lot of movement in this work and a lot of delicate blending was done in order to achieve this.

This is not a mega city like the first Mecha painting. It is a scene of a joy ride at a carnival. The movement is chaotic mimicking he oscillating movement of the fun park ride it depicts. Fun as a topic is something I find easy to paint. I use bright, unmixed colours in a lot of my works and this retains a freshness to my work. The lights in the painting not only depict the lights of the ride and the fun park but also the joy and fun of the setting. Mecha 2 is not without an element of danger though. The blurred central ride car has a slightly ominous look to reflecting the danger and fear which are a part of the thrill of fun park rides.