More Proverbs

Here are two more proverbs from my upcoming book ‘Proverbs for Today”.


Don’t get too caught up in reasoning.

Logic is a tool given to us to discover the truth about our world. Despite the fact that our God is a God of common sense, too much reliance on reasoning will fall short in understanding the Kingdom of God. To the unbeliever, God’s logic can be quite alien.

God’s logic is sometimes illogical to the world. Think of some things which unbelievers might find illogical about your faith. Ask God to explain His logic to you in a way which you can impart to those who as yet, don’t understand.

(Ecc 7:25 – In the context of vanity.)

Worry occurs in the darkness.

The worrier lives in a land of shadows. Yet shadows have no real substance. There will be time to grieve if something bad happens. There’s no point in grieving now when nothing has yet occurred. Instead of worrying, pray that the bad possibility never happens.

The mind that worries lives in darkness. Go to the lamp of God and He will lead you out of the dungeon.

(Psalm 138:8)