More Proverbs

Here are two more proverbs from my book, soon to be released, ‘Proverbs for Today.’

The constellations and galaxies wink back at both man and ant.

We think we are important. We think only of ourselves. We are no greater than the ants. Humility puts our thinking in the right place.

Go to a place where God’s creation stretches as far as you can see. Ask God for something special of His choosing.

(Heb 2:6)

A label simplifies perception, but God knows us from the heart outwards.

The knowledge we have is so limited and simplistic. Our constant use of labels demonstrates this. We can never really know another person and we even do not know ourselves as well as God does.

Write a list of people and things you would like to know in more depth. Pray for insight, understanding and wisdom in the use of this new knowledge. Pray that your love for the people in this list grows to Heavenly proportions.

(Rom 5:5)