Master of Arts – Honours.

Master of Arts – Honours.

I’ve started the second year of my Master of Arts (Honours). I’m continuing my exploration of representations of eternity, concentrating on works produced in the last 50 years. Most of the works looked at will be paintings, drawings, installations and new media art. The works will be positioned in relation to the modern Protestant view of eternity.

There will be a brief history of the various interpretations of eternity outlined. Then I will posit what the Protestant idea of eternity actually is. Next I will outline some features of our modern society which have an impact on both spirituality and the production of art. Finally I will catalogue a series of works produced in recent times which I feel explore the concept of eternity in a meaningful way. I was going to include music in my catalogue, but decided that there is not enough room or time to do this.

Lastly I hope to posit an assessment of what may be some useful ways of approaching the idea of eternity both now and in the immediate future.

It should be a lot of fun. I’ll post my final dissertation towards the end of the year.

Unlike the last Masters (which was practice based) this Masters is simply a written dissertation. However, I feel it will inspire me to continue producing works and expanding on ideas which I explored in my Master of Arts (Practice). I am looking forward to producing some new and exciting works on this topic.

Master of Arts