American Cranberries – The Art of Eating

American Cranberries – The Art of Eating


I’ve been asked to do an illustration of American cranberries for an American magazine “The Art of Eating” . They loved it. Here is the illustration. The work looks great in the magazine. The money wasn’t great but it was only for a quick illustration. This is why the image is more sketchy than my usual work which can be found on the botanical paintings section of the website. The magazine is about all things food. It has recipes and articles about food sources such as the one my illustration decorated.

I would love to do more illustrations for more magazines. If you have any ideas or jobs you would like done just contact me.

I can also do portraits, commissions of all sorts or anything you think my work may be suited to. Please feel free to contact to discuss any work opportunities you may have for me.

I am a very open negotiator and am always willing to listen to the needs of the customer and make compromises as needed.


.American cranberries

Illustration of American Cranberries for the American magazine, The Art of Eating.

If you are interested in using my work for your book cover, magazine, etc just contact me. Examples of more sketchy works of mine can be seen on the Botanical sketches and landscape sketches sections of this website. Also my small masters works and drawing in black and white may give you an idea of the sorts of various styles  I am capable of.