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Morning Dew – a new painting.

Morning Dew

Morning Dew

Morning Dew $950 Oil on canvas 87 * 72 cm







This landscape has been added to the landscape paintings page. It’s called Morning Dew.

Morning Dew.

I’ve contrasted the muddy dryness of the grass with the soft peace of the sky. There are few clouds in the sky. What is there is very thin and will probably burn off as the sun comes out.

Latest Music.

Lately, I’ve been working on a few landscapes. However, I have mostly been concentrating on music. I am just beginning to add other instruments to the piano. I have also been creating experiments with mixing other instruments and sounds.

Music production is difficult. It is more technical in nature than composing.

The painting above would go with many of my piano pieces. Therefore, most of them are gentle and peaceful. I use the pedal a lot, so the notes can linger. Another technique I use is easing the volume of instruments in and out.  Most of all I create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in most of my pieces. Consequently, I don’t write a lot of songs. I don’t use a lot of rhythm.

Soon, I hope to create series of small pieces related to some of the writing I’ve been doing lately. I have poems, short stories and a science fiction comedy novel to play with.

Finally, I will be posting more piano pieces and other pieces onto the website and Facebook very soon.

New Title and Cover to Book of Proverbs

New Title and Cover to Book of Proverbs.

I’ve changed the cover and title of my book of Proverbs. It’s titled “The Cross Marks the Spot (inspirational sayings and proverbs for life).” The contents are still the same. I’m just finalising the process of putting the book on Createspace where it can be printed as a paperback. The paperback version is $9.99 and the kindle version (Ebook) is $3.99.

The sorts of topics covered in the book range from love versus hate to wisdom, jealousy, greed, consistency, sobriety and lust. There should be an idea or two for everyone within its pages. This book of Proverbs is written plainly. The Proverbs are mostly cutting and to the point.

The set up of the book means that a proverb has been written for each day of the year. First the proverb is presented. Then a short explanation or elaboration is outlined in case the proverb is not clear (although most are) for the reader. Third I suggest some practical applications which may or may not be followed as ways to put the ideas in the proverbs into practice. Finally I give a Bible verse which relates to the topic of the proverb and hopefully opens up a whole vista of ideas relating to the topic of the particular proverb.


The Cover of the book of Proverbs – The Cross Marks the Spot.

book of proverbs