More Proverbs

Here are a couple of more proverbs for your enjoyment.

No one can be persuaded to believe the truth: only wooed.

There is a truth that caused the universe to exist in the first place and it was surely born of love. The truth comes through faith and faith through love. Love is surely the binding force of the universe and the truth is what the universe is made of. Believe in the truth and you will be capable of anything.

You can persuade people into believing small daily truths (eg: two plus two equals four, but the truth that governs the universe is beyond reason and logic. We can never be persuaded to believe it. Only the love that binds the universe together can convince us of the truth.


Clinging to your hurts is like living in an old museum filled with dead relics from dark times.

Be alert to this weakness. Negative thoughts can catch you unawares at all times of the day. Why dwell on the past? If you have been hurt, don’t let the hurt truly harm you by thinking about it and letting it pull you down. Ask others to help you make the necessary changes. Leave the museum and venture out into the light. Above all, forgive.

Let go of the mummies and the dinosaur skeletons. They’ve been dead for a long time – if they ever really existed in the first place? If you still dwell on them, learn to turn your thoughts around each time they arise. Otherwise you may become an old mummified relic yourself.