More proverbs

Here are two more proverbs for your enjoyment, from my second book of proverbs which will have a more secular slant rather than a Christian slant like the first book.

As enthusiasm fades, age increases.
Enthusiasm keeps us interested in life. There is always something to be interested in, to look forward to, to hope for. Real old age should never really come. If we maintain an interest in something or continue to strive to make new discoveries we will always be young.
Do you make a point of learning new things, discovering new and interesting facts and ideas? Make a habit of it. You don’t have to turn your life upside down – just be open, and eager.

If there’s a monkey in the cockpit, grab a parachute.
If you’ve put your trust in someone irresponsible, or if you find yourself in a disintegrating situation, look for a safe way to land. In business especially, don’t put your trust in someone unreliable.
Try to always have a failsafe when taking risks. Better still – do your research.