Illuminate Paintings

Illuminate Paintings


Here are some of the Illuminate Paintings which have been added to the collection on this website.


Revelation $6000 Oil on canvas

Revelation $6000 Oil on canvas 120 * 165 cm







The first of these Illuminate paintings is Revelation. This is a large painting painted using a variety of techniques. The colours are quite sombre in comparison to my usual palette.

What exactly is a Revelation? It is a heart and gut felt understanding of something which one has probably already known for a while. However, with the revelation comes a deeper understanding which can be life changing and in the case of the painting even life saving. Here the revelation is almost like a resurrection. The understanding comes when the subject is buried in quicksand or the earth and emerges at the point of understanding.

The air he now breathes is the revelation and it has given him new life. I wanted the drama of the painting to emphasise the crucial nature of a true revelation. Getting the sand to move up the hand and wrist was difficult. I had to mix loose quick brushwork (to create the illusion of movement) with the need to make the sand, rock and dirt look real.


Blue $1250 Oil on canvas 100 * 75 cm

Blue $1250 Oil on canvas
100 * 75 cm







The second of the Illuminate paintings is titled Blue. Blue is a modest sized painting which definitely has a fantasy edge to it. The landscape is serene and peaceful. Yet it becomes a base for the powerful, confronting and almost soaring sky. There is no sad mood here. Instead the blue is the colour of freedom, imagination and boldness. The clouds on the right are almost like an angel with its arms outstretched.


Geo - Abstract $135 Oil on canvas 20 * 20 cm

Geo – Abstract $135
Oil on canvas 20 * 20 cm







The third of the Illuminate paintings is titled Geo – Abstract. It is a purely experimental painting where thin layers of paint create shafts of light across forms that absorb, deflect or ignore the light. This is a tiny painting and the first of a small series of similar works which I will be doing over the coming months.

All three of these paintings is contained within the gallery on the Conceptual Paintings page of this site.

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