Haiku. My first steps.


Haiku are short poems about nature. They are traditionally written in 3 lines (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables). Today there are other variations, but I like the restrictions the traditional sort put on the writer.

Often there is a twist or surprise in the poem. This makes them interesting. This form of poetry originates from Japan.

The story of Haiku.

Haikus express a single moment or inspiration. They are strongly linked to nature. Sometimes they expound a single idea in their three lines. However, most of them are split, with a juxtaposition occurring within the poem.

Haiku do not rhyme. The Japanese writer Masaoka Shiki (19th century) gave the form its name.

Today, poets from all around the world experiment with the Haiku.

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These are my first attempts. Please tell me what you think.



Tall and strong they sit

The majesty of mountains

Some birds in shadow


A clap of thunder

Flash! Silhouettes come alive

The roar rolls on by


The leaves turn to red

Autumn: the weeping season

Red beds slowly brown


All creation laughs

Its music is always there

Sing and make merry


A drone of crickets

Summer heat bathes me in sweat

Clap! The rain falls down


Your heart goes silent

Eyes meet and all becomes still

Remember to breathe



I hope you enjoyed these haiku. With practice, I should improve. I haven’t written a lot of poetry lately which is not good. If I wish to write words for some of my musical pieces and turn them into songs I’ll need to pick up the pace. Hopefully these haiku inspire you to do your own. Remember, you don’t have to stick to the traditional form.

Have fun creating,


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