Cityscape a new painting



This unfinished cityscape painting is one of about sixty paintings I am still working on in preparation for the exhibition “illuminate”, happening at the Professional Centre at Easter.









I’ll post details of the painting when it’s finished.


This cityscape uses shafts of light to dissect the objects and structures that adorn it. Many parts of this constructed landscape have a new character thrust upon them, some of them multiple characters.

I have been doing a lot of geometrical paintings of late. Yet I can not just leave most of these as strictly geometrical – I often like to add the organic.

Some of the other paintings being worked on for the Illuminate exhibition include some sparkling garden paintings and nebulous surreal works. A second cityscape painting is also being painted.

The works will range in size from about five inches square to quite large (about 120 by 150 cm).

The opening night of the exhibition is on the 24th of March (the Thursday night before Good Friday). The exhibition will also be open on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday, and will continue on for at least two weeks.

There will be music, lighting, food and refreshments and lots of bubbles.

A Reminder about Paypal

Just reminding everyone that I have a paypal account for your convenience. If you need to purchase anything just contact me to organise the details. In the near future I intend to have a shop on my website where you can buy open edition prints at specific sizes. I am hoping to find the time to get more music done in the near future and I hope I can get this onto the site.

If you want to come to the exhibition opening night it would be beneficial for us if you just let Carol know at the Professional Centre that you will be attending.


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