Food of the gods : Ambrosia

Ambrosia: Food of the gods.


Ambrosia: Food of the gods

Ambrosia: Food of the gods







Ambrosia is described in Greek and Roman mythology as the food of the gods. I love the idea that people can contribute to the happiness of ‘the gods’. I believe in the one God and although there is nothing we can give him that sustains or edifies Him I still believe He enjoys our meagre attempts to make Him happy.

In this painting the food of the gods is represented as a collection of lights (candles) that may or may not be lit as a devotion to Him in some way. God is light and these lights may only be flickering symbols of the light that is God, but they (lighted candles) are often a symbol of appreciation for all that God has done for us and those we love.

The use of a golden yellow in the painting alludes to the golden city of light that Revelations talks about as Heaven. The lights of the candles may not fill Heaven with any practical light, but the joy it brings God and the angels is a light in itself. Any kind of communication with Heaven is a joy to God and the angels. God created us because of his unsurpassable need to love and be loved. His light shines on us daily and it should be a pleasure to return some of this back to Him.

I love painting light. I used complementary colours (yellow, purple) as a symbol of all the colours of the spectrum – it takes all the colours of the spectrum to create white which is light. I tried to make the wax of the candles look soft and almost edible and I hope that the title suggests a kind of perfume which reaches God and brings joy to Him.

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