Botanical Drawings

Botanical Drawings Gallery.

These botanical drawings are mostly done in colour. Most are pastel, ink or a combination of the two. They are mostly light and airy.

Most paintings in this gallery are for sale.

Limited edition prints are available on request.

Feel free to ring me on H: (02) 5698 5284 or M: 0450 492 504 or email me (go to contact page) for offers or questions.

Botanical Drawings.

These botanical drawings are more like illustrations. In many ways they are probably closer to traditional botanical art than most of my paintings. The artist must find a way to make his art work. Drawings are a tool for helping the artist to convert the botanical drawing to botanical painting. A botanical drawing done in pastel takes less time to complete than an oil painting.

Botanical drawing is often just a bland scientific recording of the plant. It can be more like illustration. My botanical drawings have more depth of feeling and also have a slightly surreal air.

In regards to fine art botanical painting and drawing is often left out in the cold. It is considered too scientific. I hope I have imbued a sense of the ‘creative’ in my botanical paintings and drawings. I certainly have a lot of fun producing these quick drawings. There is less pressure to produce ‘fine art’ quality work. This way of working can open up opportunities to experiment with

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